Introduction Server virtualization technology allows one physical server platform to run multiple virtual machines simultaneously. Many customers have taken advantage of server virtualization, such as provided by the VMware ESX Server, to consolidate their server infrastructure and to simplify their disaster recovery platforms. These customers have also invested in enterprise-class SAN switches, such as the Cisco MDS 9000, along with a SAN-based storage infrastructure, which support their primary data center and disaster recovery sites. This leads to some challenges when it comes to managing data protection for their local and remote data centers, especially for applications running on a virtual machine in an ESX Server.

This white paper describes how customers can utilize RecoverPoint to enhance the disaster recovery and data protection capabilities of their VMware servers with local and remote replication.

Overview EMC RecoverPoint is an advanced enterprise-class disaster recovery solution supporting heterogeneous storage and server environments. RecoverPoint provides bi-directional data replication across any distance, as well as local continuous data protection.

RecoverPoint provides a full-featured replication and continuous data protection solution for the VMware ESX Servers. For remote replication, it utilizes small-aperture snapshots to protect the VMware ESX platform from data corruption and guarantees recoverability with minimum data loss. For local protection, it utilizes continuous data protection to preserve every write, allowing data recovery to any point in time.