With the recent implementation of tariffs on China produced technology components, tech companies like Dell and Cisco, are preparing for the inevitable rise in the cost of doing business. Dell Technologies founder and CEO Michael Dell recently spoke with CRN about what this will mean for his customers.

Dell told CRN of price increased to consumers, “Well, there’s some, and we, like every company, are making adjustments to our supply chain. In some cases, if the input costs are changing, obviously we’ll reflect those through hour products.” He continued to say that they are “prepared and continuing to adjust to make sure we can meet the commitments to our partner [and] to our customers.”

Cisco has already announced price increases on several products, according to CRN. It is inevitable that others will follow suit in passing the tariff costs on to consumers.

As a DellEMC and Cisco partner, IPM is prepared to help clients manage their costs. Andy Sontag, of IPM’s sales team says, “IPM’s engineering teams have decades of experience running impartial assessments to right size your data center assets. We also offer a multitude of leasing and financing options to provide flexibility and potential tax advantages.”

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