Meeting end users’ expectations can be a challenge. Especially while ensuring data security and meeting your business objectives. We know, because we’ve supported hundreds of clients in the mission to deliver increasing levels of performance and service.

Ready to take your End User Computing (EUC) to the next level? The first step to getting there is IPM’s End User Computing Workshop. Through targeted questions and discussion between IPM’s technical leadership and your CIO and key business stakeholders, IPM will help facilitate a better understanding of your current environment, your future needs and business goals. As a result we’ll collaborate on the EUC Framework that will help move you towards meeting your objectives.

The IPM EUC Workshop will help:

  • Articulate your business objectives
  • Identify appropriate technologies and services to meet those objectives
  • Map existing relationships between desktop and the data center
  • Identify operational strengths, weaknesses and risks
  • Ensure network security is not compromised
  • Understand and apply the EUC Framework to your organization

Schedule your EUC Workshop today and you’ll receive a customized EUC Report which includes details on the current state of your EUC environment, the future desired state and the recommended next steps to get you there. Download Workshop Datasheet.