Are your users getting the performance they demand from your Citrix infrastructure? External performance and connection issues, availability and overall resilience can all impact user productivity. What’s worse? Potential security flaws can put your environment at risk to costly cyber threats and data breaches.

Make sure that your Citrix infrastructure is running at optimal performance with the IPM Citrix Infrastructure Health Check. This valuable analysis service will outline the key areas where your Citrix infrastructure needs improvement.

IPM will perform a health check for your XenApp/XenDesktop infrastructure that consists of one XenApp/XenDesktop Farm, with a maximum of 500 users and one datacenter. The health check will identify:

  • Causes of existing performance or connection issues
  • Adherence to Citrix Reference Architecture and Best Practices
  • Risks in terms of high availability and resilience
  • Opportunities for performance improvement
  • Barriers for scalability to support more users or services
  • Potential security flaws and risks providing recommended actions to address issues

Don’t let your user productivity suffer and don’t put your infrastructure at security risk. Schedule your Citrix Infrastructure Health Check today to receive a 2 days of analysis, a detailed findings report and presentation with key recommendations. Learn more, download the Citrix Health Check Datasheet.