As branch and remote offices rise become even more pervasive, organizations are rapidly adopting Microsoft Office 365 to lower infrastructure costs and increase flexibility around these distant locations. Users, for the most part, love the portability and easy accessibility of these apps because they can open their secure digital workspace and do their work from anywhere.

The bad news is, these same users often don’t get the performance they’re used to in a traditional office. That’s because many branch locations are still supported by legacy WANs and outdated MPLS connections. These common solutions rely on the “perimeter style” approach to networking, where vital app and data traffic is funneled back through centralized datacenters and subject to latency from inefficient network paths, inspections and other factors.

Fortunately, Citrix and Microsoft have come together to create a more modern and better solution. Like other software-defined WANs, Citrix SD-WAN uses inexpensive Internet connections to route SaaS traffic directly from remote or branch locations to their intended destinations—bypassing the traditional network perimeter and its centralized datacenters.

To learn more about how you can deliver the ultimate Office 365 experience for your branch-office and other remote users, take a look at our solution guide. Download it here.