A new cloud-based desktop virtualization system from Citrix will allow tech support staff to remotely access end-user systems in order to provide assistance, the company announced this week.

Citrix’s new GoToManage product could help businesses with a wide range of technical issues, including IT staffing, by making it easier for a smaller number of support personnel to assist clients, according to the announcement.

Elizabeth Cholawski, Citrix Online general manager, said the product’s extensive and robust feature list will be key to its success.

“From listening to our vast customer base of IT professionals, we learned that they dislike piecemeal products. Our new, integrated solution simplifies their life, makes them more productive and enables them to support customers and their networks more easily and comprehensively,” she stated.

Citrix’s new solution is one of several that leverages the flexibility afforded by virtualized desktop technology to provide a new type of cost-saving opportunity. Particularly for smaller businesses without the resources for dedicated IT staff, the new Citrix product carries some significant new upsides, experts say.