Join TrapX Security, McAfee and IPM to learn how to quickly implement deception techniques to create operational advance in breach prevention, detection and response. In this presentation and hands-on workshop, you'll learn: 

  • Benefits and best practices to implement deception as a defense and unified malware analysis into your security portfolio
  • How to automate attacker containment through TrapX DeceptionGrid 
  • Ideas and architectures for integrating DeceptionGrid and ThreatGrid alerts and events into current security tools to optimize security response workflows 

Take part in the malware hunting workshop, where you'll learn:

  • How to quickly create and imitate a small corporate network, with associated hardware and data assets
  • How to draw an attacker into the deception network in order to observe and analyze the hacker activity
  • How to perform analysis on the malware, exploits and code hackers leverage or leave behind

Lunch will be provided.

Attendee Requirements:  
Your own laptop with Google Chrome browser installed   
Join us at IPM for this workshop on September 13th, we hope you can make it!