Take the Guess Work Out of Your VDI Investment

In the final session of the IPM VDI Webinar Series, Lakeside joins the discussion to provide insight into eliminating the guesswork from your IT investments and decisions through SysTrack technology.  In this 30-minute webinar, our experts will speak to how the technology is used in the VDI assessment phase to understand user behavior and how it drives application resource requirements, and also used post implementation to sustain superior user experience with real time health and availability monitoring.
This session will focus on a use case in the financial services industry with extra emphasis on financial security risk and will provide attendees with an understanding of how the technology supports the following:

  • Accurate hardware budgeting
  • De-risk budgeting and planning
  • Faster Project start times
  • Accurate cost modelling
  • Quantify exceptional user experience

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