• The Westin New York Grand Central (map)
  • 212 E42nd St
  • New York, NY
  • USA

You've probably got an idea of how to implement virtual desktop technology in your organization, but if you're like most IT pros you still need those last few pieces to align. We'll help you sort through the facts vs. fiction, figure an approach to Windows on the desktop, and deal with users who want to work from tablets, phones, and their own devices.

This half-day seminar is traveling across North America in 2014, and it features the world-renowned independent desktop experts Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth. This seminar is packed full in order to maximize your time out of the office. 

  • How you can take your VDI vision from dreams to reality in 2014, where you can be successful today, and where the limitations still are.
  • How adding GPUs to VDI servers broadens compatibility for graphically-intense Windows applications for VDI
  • A look at VDI costs in 2014: We can now buy more with less
  • The future of the Windows desktop
  • Whether you need to move to Windows 8.1 now that you're on Windows 7
  • How to combine Windows apps with tablets and phones
  • If BYOC is still a thing. And, should you worry about it?