Take Control of Your Data

EMC’s next-generation backup, recovery and archive services not only improve data protection and recovery, but they also reduce costs by automating the movement of information to lower-cost, tiered archive storage. This methodology provides better control of information assets while solving many backup, recovery and archiving challenges:

  • Removing risk
  • Generating faster and more consistent backups and restores
  • Improving security and reliability
  • Reducing complexity
  • Lowering TCO
  • Eliminating redundant data
  • Recovering applications faster
  • Restoring more quickly from database corruption

Other challenges that EMC assists with include showing you how to improve enterprise access with active archiving and how to integrate backup-to-disk solutions. EMC also designs solutions that archive file and e-mail systems; enhance Tivoli Storage Manager environments; and automate information-extraction and movement.

Going Beyond The Technology

To further enhance these technology offerings, EMC provides a range of logistic services. These include assessments to determine the fixed content that can be moved from production onto tiered storage, and data profiling of file system servers to capture and provide information such as server storage utilization. EMC also assists with implementation and on-going management to ensure proper integration with all enterprise applications and file systems.

For more information on how to position your company at the forefront of information management, consult the Backup, Recovery and Archiving Guide created by EMC.


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