Citrix hosted another great Synergy this year, and I was honored to be able to lead a session (SNY415) during the event. If you were not able to catch the presentation in person (or just want to see it again!), you can view it on-demand on SynergyTV. The following resources are now available for download:

  • Session PowerPoint presentation (including speaker notes)
  • IPM Jeopardy! Timer
  • Syslog Receiver
  • Complete session package, which includes all of the above, plus source code for:
    • Demo 1 – Speed (includes IPM Jeopardy! Timer source code)
    • Demo 2 – Corporate Branding (includes Web Interface and StoreFront source code)
    • Demo 3 – Syslog (includes Syslog source code)
    • Demo 4 – Personalization (includes Web Interface and StoreFront source code)

If you have any questions on the above, please email the team at

Sam Jacobs

Twitter: @WIGuru

A full house - Sam Jacobs at Synergy


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