Sam Jacobs IPM
Sam Jacobs IPM

Meet Sam.

1.  IPM has me plugging away on...

Web Interface, StoreFront and Netscaler customizations and integrations. I help clients tweak and/or develop applications to get the job done easily and efficiently. Through advanced customizations, I can take home grown or third-party applications and make them company-specific by adding custom functions and features, incorporating company branding elements, and integrating mobile devices.

I'm also working with Citrix on their Cloud Gateway offerings delving into each product to better understand how we can leverage and customize this line for clients.

2.  My newsfeed worthy personal and professional achievements this year are...

Representing IPM at Citrix Synergy. This was my first speaking gig at this conference and my presentation ranked as the most popular breakout session among attendees and is one of the most downloaded post-conference presentations. Not too shabby for a first-time presenter!

Personally, I lost 37lbs. and ran my first 5k race to benefit the community of Sea Gate, which was ravaged and upended by Hurricane Sandy. I came in third place in my age category and proved to myself that with a little effort, determination and commitment, anything is possible.

3. Clients are hooked on what 2-3 hot IT initiatives this year? 

Since StoreFront is set to replace Web Interface, clients are looking for help customizing StoreFront. The challenge? There's little to no documentation available for StoreFront. The solution? Invest (a lot of) time working with Citrix to decipher StoreFront and help clients migrate from Web Interface to Storefront as painlessly possible.

Mobility is also top of mind. As the longest standing Citrix Platinum Partner, IPM is among the forerunners bringing XenMobile Enterprise Mobility Management solutions to the NYC market. For the past several months, I've attended special training sessions and participated in XenMobile discussions to get under the hood on this product line. We have made significant headway with this product line and have uncovered several ways to offer a new and more robust line of mobile solutions to our clients.

4.  I "cracked the IT code" with these tips and suggestions 

Citrix forums are an excellent resource to ask questions and get timely answers. I constantly frequent and contribute to these forums and every time I'm impressed by the collaboration, exchange of knowledge and ideas posted in these forums.

In addition to my own blog, IPM’s TechDev Corner, as well as the general IPM blog,, I'd propose checking out  Thomas Koetzing, and These blogs are super informative and good resources for expert insight and information exchange.

5. Under the hood

Personally, I am the proud grandfather of eight adorable grandchildren. Professionally, I am proud to be the top ranking Citrix Web Interface and Netscaler (and soon to be StoreFront) customizations expert.


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