Craig Davis
Craig Davis

1. IPM has me plugging away on...Helping clients design and implement cloud-based infrastructures to foster a connected and collaborative environment for users at work, home or on the road. Clients are readily embracing flex hours and work at home options and private cloud provides the optimal environment. Last year, a large number of our clients migrated to a cloud-based infrastructure design to better support their company's growth plans and this year we are seeing an even greater demand.

2. My newsfeed worthy personal and professional achievements this year are... Earlier this year, I completed two global Citrix XenApp deployments for two New York-based financial firms. The first client wanted to deploy a global remote access solution for three regional locations and 1,150 staff with an additional disaster recovery site deployment, while the second client needed IPM to deploy a global remote access solution for two local offices, four regional, and more worldwide for approximately 1,000 staff. Respectively, both were among the largest Citrix XenApp deployments IPM has spearheaded to date.

On a personal note, I am proud to report that I have stuck with my New Year's resolution to lose weight and have lost 10lbs to date and still going strong. Simple things like cleaning up my diet and committing to a steady exercise routine have helped me shed the pounds.

3. Clients are hooked on what 2-3 hot IT initiatives this year? In my world, clients are hooked on improving the user experience. Initiatives like BYOD and remote office solutions have been the bulk of my efforts thus far and requests seem to just keep coming in for cloud based data solutions. I've seen a shift in business mentality and the steps many firms, both large and small, are taking to ensure their employees are not just productive but also happy.

4. I "cracked the IT code" with these tips and suggestions There are multiple ways to complete 90 percent of the technical tasks in IT, but not all are the best choice. “It works as expected” does not necessarily equal “It’s expected to work that way”. Having the presence of mind to know the difference between the two statements, and when either is applicable will be the differentiator between success and good luck.

If a technology project is worth the time and money to implement, why would you cut corners to save either? Invest the time and money efficiently to ensure the implementation is done correctly the first time.

5. My favorite #hashtag is... #Resilience


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