Meet Carlo.


1.  IPM has me plugging away on... helping clients maximize their investment in virtualization by keeping their infrastructure up to date and on the leading edge. With CitrixXenDesktop 7 and VMware vSphere 5.5 upgrades now available, my priority for 2014 will be to help clients upgrade, expand and keep their  production systems running smoothly.

As the virtualization lead at IPM, I've had the great fortune of working with many of the same clients for years. Maintenance years like this one are important because it enables clients to leverage the latest product enhancements and benefits to continuously improve their infrastructure and make their business as efficient and productive as possible.

2.   My newsfeed worthy achievements this year are... being invited for the third year to participate in Gestalt IT's Tech Field Day event, a series that brings together innovative IT product vendors and independent thought leaders to discuss the latest advancements, product releases or industry trends shaping IT infrastructure. This was a great opportunity to connect with peers and see what everyone is doing in the industry and apply that new-found knowledge to client projects.

I also earned VMware's vExpert 2013 award for the fifth consecutive year for the knowledge and expertise I share with the tech community at large via my blog  I have earned this award every year since it was launched five years ago and I'm proud to be considered a virtualization evangelist

3.  Clients are hooked on what 2-3 hot IT initiatives this year? From my perspective, what's hot is the continued advancements on the virtualization front. Each new vendor release opens the door to an array of features and capabilities that reaffirm virtualization's promise. While many clients have embraced server virtualization, VDI continues to gather steam and I anticipate this will only continue to gain momentum as clients learn more about this solution's business case and value proposition.

4.I "cracked the IT code" with these tips and suggestions When picking an IT firm, pick a company that employs people you want to work with and understands the meaning of a partner approach. At its basic core, every IT company is the same, but it's how they partner with you, work with you and support you that distinguishes one firm from another. At IPM, we strive to build true partnerships with our clients and I'm confident that's why I still work with clients that I worked with when I first started at IPM 17 years ago

5. My favorite #hashtag is... #DataCollector. I am fascinated by data and have been known to track inordinate amounts of data at work and at home. One of my most interesting data tracking projects is something I started in January 2013 called 1 Second Everyday. Inspired by Cesar Kuriyama, each day I shoot a one second video of something I've done that day that I want to remember. The end result, a 6:08 minute video recapping a year in my life.


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