Amid the myriad questions of security concerning the cloud, one executive recently claimed the challenges can be best handled through virtualization.

Speaking at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, RSA chief executive officer Art Coviello said cloud security can be achieved when IT departments decide to move away from the practices of a physical infrastructure and instead focus on the virtual infrastructure.

The cloud, Coveillo asserted, is a dynamic and agile technology. To ensure security, IT departments need to adopt an approach that is adaptable to these characteristics of the cloud. That approach, according to Coveillo, is virtualization.

"The IT stack is changing. Our boundaries are logical rather than physical. We can no longer depend on physical infrastructure for protection," Coviello said. "If leveraged properly, virtualization can be a pathway to surpassing the level of control and visibility that exists today in physical environments."

Despite nagging security concerns, more and more companies are adopting cloud computing to take advantage of high-grade IT services at reduced costs. According to a 2010 study by CA Technology, 80 percent of enterprises currently use at least one cloud computing solution.


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