The proportion of data use attributable to mobile internet devices like smartphones could rise sharply over the course of the next five to seven years, an executive from Cambridge-based Akamai Technologies recently told Business News Americas.

"So today [Akamai customers] see [mobile] as another access method. They have a team that does iPhone apps, that does Android apps, that does mobile websites. They're starting to hire mobile strategists, they're starting to think of how is this mobile experience different and it's not just a smaller screen, it's a more personalized device," the company's vice president of mobile network strategy Lior Netzer said in an interview.

According to Netzer, this means that mobile's 5 percent of total data use could easily become 20 or 30 percent in just half a decade.

Akamai's virtualized infrastructure options and optimization technology will likely become even more important to enterprise IT departments if business mobility does take off in such a fashion, experts say. The flexibility provided by remote access and a lack of immovable hardware is a great advantage.


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