The ability to create numerous virtual machines within a single server is a powerful one for businesses, according to Network World, but the publication also warns that companies should be well-prepared for adopting it. The use of specialized virtualization management tools like optimization and application delivery subsystems could help IT departments cope with the complexity of virtualized infrastructure, Network World said.

One of the major upsides to these tools, the publication added, is that they - like the machines they manage - are virtual, which makes them significantly cheaper than the equivalent piece of hardware. Additionally, they can be moved back and forth through physical servers and other virtual machines, making them easy to manage.

Overall, Network World said, the important thing for virtualized infrastructure users is not to get overwhelmed. Limiting the number of virtual machines in use - while maintaining capability, of course - is likely to save some serious headaches, particularly for inexperienced IT staff.

Proper infrastructure management, experts say, is necessary for the successful implementation of services like virtualized desktops.


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