Enterprises utilizing virtualization may reap the benefits, but companies may also run into trouble if problems continue to occur.

A recent article by’s Elizabeth Millar stated there are several ways to make sure organizations do not stumble in the virtualization field.

According to Brian Anderson, CMO of BeyondTrust, organizations tend to decrease budgets, because virtualization allows for less hardware to be purchased and maintained, but this could cause more problems. Increasing security budgets, rather than reducing them will provide additional security for virtualization software.

Other tips include increasing staff before deploying virtualization and making sure existing staff are comfortable with the technology, the article stated.

“As with any IT implementation, being proactive is far better - and often less costly - than taking a reactive approach, and understanding common concerns … can help enterprises avoid making the same missteps,” wrote Millar.

IT workers skilled in virtualization are currently in demand, despite an inconsistent economy. According to InfoWorld’s David Marshall, companies are eager to fill several different jobs in the virtualization field, but are lacking trained professionals.


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