For small- and medium-sized businesses, virtualization not only provides lower costs and greater efficiencies, but it also can boost their disaster recovery plans, according to a recent report by Quorom Soft.

The company’s Disaster Recovery in a Virtualized World, What Every SMB Should Know guide provides SMBs an analysis of benefits companies can experience by utilizing virtualization. The report also provides tools, analysis and business processes for developing a disaster recovery strategy based on virtualization.

Virtualization helps companies back up critical business data and protect critical systems. If a natural disaster or security breach occurs, the technology saves companies time and money by protecting the data, the report stated.

"For SMBs, server virtualization and consolidation provides obvious cost reduction and efficiency gains, but often organizations fail to realize the full potential and benefits virtualization can offer for their disaster recovery strategy,” said Phil Baskette, founder and CEO of Quorum.

SMBs have identified virtualization as a key cog for their technology plans. According to a report by Spiceworks, 74 percent of surveyed IT professionals plan to use virtualization by the middle of 2011.


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