The release of a new set of usage guidelines and system standards from the Open Data Center Alliance will drive a new wave of investment in virtual infrastructure technology, the group said in a statement.

"Many companies have been standing on the cloud sidelines, watching and waiting for security and other concerns to be addressed. With the expected industry response to our requirements, we can all now get serious about weaving cloud services into our data center computing plans," the ODCA announced this week.

According to the group, its new best practices will heavily influence the planning and purchasing decisions made by both its members and the vendor community, helping to develop new usage models and potentially saving organizations $25 billion within the next five years across the community.

Widespread moves into the cloud and toward other types of virtualized infrastructure have already begun in the U.S., according to a number of recent studies. Concerns over cloud security are apparently no longer enough to keep businesses from investing in new technology.


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