At the ESG Ahead of the Curve event for information technology professionals in Boston, it was revealed that server virtualization skills are lacking for networking groups, according to a recent report by Network World.

Jon Oltisk of Network World asked networking professionals to respond to the question regarding their organization’s greatest organizational/process challenges. According to the resport, 40 percent cited developing virtualization skills within their networking group, while 30 percent said establishing networking practices.

Also, of those surveyed, 20 percent said changing the organization to allow their networking goals to coincide with IT goals, while 10 percent identified integrating new server virtualization networking requirements with other IT groups as their greatest challenge, the article stated.

“Networking vendors should learn a lesson from this data,” wrote Oltisk. “Now is the time to work with customers, assess their needs, provide them with training and help guide them to the next level.”

Although server virtualization skills may be needed for networking groups, its benefits are definitely being felt. According to a study of 85 organizations by Aberdeen, 38 percent of those surveyed saw an average 38 percent reduction in application downtime utilizing server virtualization.


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