A fusion of a number of Citrix's existing products is how ZDnet's Dan Kuznetsky describes the company's XenDesktop 5.1 offering.

The product is not simply a desktop virtualization framework, however. According to Kuznetsky, Citrix has combined application virtualization, access virtualization and processing virtualization into a single package, allowing for a wide variety of remote functions without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

New in version 5.1, Kuznetsky writes, is an upgrade to the way XenDesktop uses virtual memory.

"Citrix has found a way to make the virtual machine memory allocation dynamic so that server memory can be used optimally without requiring companies have extensive expertise in virtual machine configuration and tuning," he says.

A big advantage to XenDesktop, according to the ZDnet writer, is that it can support a host of different device types without the need for extensive and time-consuming customization work. This makes it more flexible and easier to use.

Experts note that the automation in memory allocation and other areas could make XenDesktop 5.1 particularly popular among IT staff.


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