Small and medium-sized businesses looking to take advantage of the upsides of virtualized infrastructure should do their homework before jumping in with both feet, according to a report posted to OneStop Click. It's important, the report said, to understand the most accurate ways to calculate ROI from a virtualization program. One point that many IT professionals overlook is that virtualized servers are more efficient than physical ones, since the company is paying for the latter to be on all the time, regardless of whether they are actually needed. Virtualization provides scalability in this regard, as well as the potential for significant savings.

In addition to carefully managing transitions from physical to virtualized infrastructure, OneStop Click's report said that training staff that will have operate or maintain such systems is a critical step. Additionally, IT departments should test virtualized infrastructure extensively before putting any operational load on it.

Nevertheless, other experts say, if all of those considerations are borne in mind, many SMBs can gain real advantages from virtualizing some of their infrastructure.


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