Paying too much attention to a brand name and not enough to the bottom line is a good way to spend too much on virtual infrastructure investments, according to TechTarget senior executive editor Jo Maitland.

While the relative newness of the cloud computing marketplace means that - for the short run - brand names represent a type of substitution for real quality standards, Maitland wrote that such value will not remain high for long.

She analyzed a recent large-scale virtual infrastructure purchase as potentially unsound.

"What if, instead of spending money on vBlock, 8x8 figured out how to build a cloud infrastructure itself, gained experience, got smarter, more flexible and more self-sufficient, and was able to take more risks because it wasn't locked into VCE?" Maitland asked.

Nevertheless, many top virtual infrastructure and virtual desktop providers also offer value well beyond name recognition, according to experts. Citrix, for one, is widely recognized for its technical innovation and mature products. Clients must do their own homework, however, and reach their own conclusions.


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