Virtual infrastructure providers will find their potential markets broadening as cloud computing continues to become more popular and virtualized technology sees increased demand, according to the Bedford Report.

The long-standing relationship of Akamai with Apple, for example, could see the Cambridge-based company tasked with handling the latter firm's upcoming iCloud service, which will allow iTunes users to store their digital content in the cloud for access on multiple devices. This should provide a significant boost to Akamai's revenues, the report said.

The company already posted a 20 percent year-over-year increase in net income for the first quarter, according to the Bedford Report, representing a total of nearly $55 million.

Both content delivery networks for the consumer and virtual infrastructure for the enterprise need an underlying system for storage and transmission, putting companies like Akamai firmly in the driver's seat as the technology continues to mature and become more widely used.

According to experts, bandwidth is one of the most frequently overlooked aspects to virtual infrastructures, and businesses looking to adopt products like virtual desktop systems should ensure that their network is able to handle the traffic.


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