The lack of serious outages during the recent World IPv6 Day - which saw a number of the world's biggest websites switch to the newer protocol as a test - should prompt a wider move toward its adoption, according to tech services company Neustar. There are more than 4 billion internet addresses possible with the older IPv4 system, Neustar said, but that number is insufficient.

"With the growth of cloud computing, global proliferation of PCs and smartphones, and the emergence of 'The Internet of Things' that now has devices from refrigerators to automobiles connected to the web, 4 billion is suddenly not enough to handle worldwide demand," the company said in a statement.

Transferring a company's operations to IPv6-native infrastructure - whether real or virtualized - is a move that probably should be undertaken sooner, rather than later, Neustar asserted.

Experts caution, however, that businesses moving to IPv6 should ensure all new systems are fully interoperable with their existing setup, since a sufficiently serious compatibility issue could prove thorny to fix.


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