Although many IT professionals are aware of the advantages a virtualized desktop or other VM strategy can provide, fewer recognize the need for robust backup options for such systems, according to a company that provides support for virtualized infrastructure.

Staying on top of any potential threats to uptime is easier with virtual systems, to be sure, but even with the ability to quickly move entire VMs from location to location, bandwidth and other factors can create new challenges, the company said.

Being aware of the potential for rapid fragmentation - and consequent I/O bottlenecking and performance hits - on virtualized systems is a good place to start, and fixing any such problems can wind up saving businesses a great deal of money they would otherwise have spent on extraneous hardware.

Simply outsourcing the entire service, other experts say, is sometimes a good option, if for no other reason than it frees up IT staff to work on other things. Frequently, the flexibility provided by such desktop virtualization also pays off in terms of increased productivity and lower cost.


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