Akamai, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based content delivery network that is among the leading virtualization infrastructure providers on the web, handled the data backend for the Cannes Film Festival's video preview apps for Android, BlackBerry and iOS. Previously, the company said, the demands of HD video space required the use of DVDs instead of streaming previews.

"This was a new thing for Cannes. Their goals are to get the experience of the film festival out to the widest possible audience," said Suzanne Johnson, Akamai director of marketing for media and entertainment. She also said that the Cannes festival could follow the lead of Tribeca and Sundance in providing entire movies via digital stream.

Akamai noted that its experiences being one of several backend service providers for Netflix helped prepare it to host the Cannes content and added that it plans to partner with the film industry on other projects in the future, including a cloud content delivery system.

The company also provides extensive virtual desktop and server virtualization services, leveraging its own infrastructure to provide the large-scale bandwidth required for such functionality.


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