Large-scale shifts in IT policy from the federal government will see an increased focus on cloud computing, virtual desktop technology, and mobile devices, according to the Washington Business Journal.

Defense Contract Management Agency acting CIO Jacob Haynes said the proportion of workers at DCMA using virtual desktop-based systems will rise to 40 percent by 2014, the Business Journal reported. At the same time, those relying on full PCs to do their work will drop from 58 percent to 8 percent, he added.

The virtualized infrastructure needed to support those capabilities will also likely help the agency with its expanded array of mobile devices. The news source said that DCMA is evaluating Google's Android and Apple's iOS as potential replacements for the agency's existing stock of BlackBerry devices. Haynes said that the latter smartphones didn't have some of the advanced functionality DCMA is looking for, forcing some to carry two devices.

For the private sector as well as government, updating IT infrastructure and capabilities is a necessity for businesses looking to stay competitive, experts say.


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