The Diskeeper Corporation recently released a study of IT managers that revealed virtualization is helping them solve two problems organizations are experiencing.

Companies need more data storage and the need to cut costs, both of which virtualization helps solve. However, according to the report, as more technologies are utilized, the ability for IT managers to maintain an efficient system declines.

One way to make sure performance is not affected negatively is to create awareness between the host and the virtual machines. Companies that do not optimize each virtual machine will decrease its performance.

“Virtualization performance promises new levels of efficiency and flexibility that will continue to drive down costs for many years,” said the company. “IT managers who are recognizing the bottlenecks and taking advantage of the technology that resolves the issues will benefit sooner.”

Small- and medium-sized businesses utilizing virtualiztion also experience several benefits to compete with larger corporations. According to a report by, SMBs using virtualization save money, improve stability, decrease downtime and use less energy.


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