In a recent PC Pro report, network expert and contributing writer Steve Cassidy explained how virtualization has changed in the technology world.

As organizations look to upgrade their systems, using virtualization helps make the process easier. However, according to Cassidy and other experts, prospective products set to be virtualized are generally "intricate, hard to back up and restore, not too taxing on the hardware and fairly small if you’re counting in gigabytes."

However, this has changed in recent years, as more systems have become suitable for virtualization and the performance of virtual machines has increased.

"It definitely is true nowadays that you can get 'more than 100 percent' by virtualizing a machine, largely because most of the candidates I see are pre-64-bit, and moving up to 64-bit is a massive leap forward in server performance," Cassidy wrote.

Since the technology has evolved in recent years, Ian Song, research analyst at IDC, said that desktop virtualization can also help companies meet the demands of consumerization of IT, according to a recent CIO report.


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