Roughly 73 percent of senior IT personnel surveyed recently said that desktop virtualization projects introduced significant challenges into their daily workloads.

The study, conducted in part by Forrester Research analysts, found that the most common response to the question of management challenges posed by virtualized desktop adoption was "high," at 60 percent. In addition, 13 percent rated the degree "very high," the researchers said.

By contrast, the number of respondents who said the management of virtualized desktops was "very low, managing a virtual environment doesn't differ much from a physical one" was the lowest, at 4 percent. Additionally, 15 percent rated it as simply "low."

Experts say the study demonstrates the extreme importance of becoming familiar with both the benefits of virtualized desktop systems - which are extensive - and the potential management challenges.

Despite the headaches experienced by some companies, other recent studies have found that the rate of adoption for virtualized desktop systems is rising quickly. This is part of a more general trend toward virtualization and the cloud, experts say.


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