New technological breakthroughs in virtual technology are on the horizon. The next big thing, according to a recent report from Virtual Strategy, is a hybrid approach to desktop virtualization.

According to the report, enterprise users are demanding more centralization and manageability in the virtual desktop solutions their companies offer. With so much information being stored on the cloud these days, employees and IT workers are clamoring for an improved experience on the virtual desktop.

The advent of a hybrid virtual desktop solves these issues, storing the complete desktop image of each user in either a public or private cloud. From there, users are given resources to make updates to the desktop technology, create security patches and improve overall endpoint security, the report said. This format has become popular because it establishes the similarities to a traditional desktop on a platform that is accessible anywhere, according to the report.

“Today, new hybrid desktop virtualization solutions are emerging that combine the centralization and manageability of server-based DV with the flexibility to work offline on a fully personalized laptop,” Issy Ben-Shaul wrote for Virtual Strategy.

These new trends in virtual desktop deployments are a sign of the evolving virtualization infrastructure found among all companies. In fact, a study conducted by Forrester Research found that the market for hybrid cloud solutions has grown as more companies pursue new virtualization platforms.


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