Some of the hottest trends in business IT - mobile and the cloud - directly affect desktop virtualization, and expert Brian Madden says that the future of the technology will likely lie in identity management. According to Madden, the capital-D "Desktop" - representing a desktop PC - is rapidly turning into the lower-case "desktop" - meaning a personalized, cloud-hosted virtual workspace that can be accessed from anywhere.

VMware and Centrix, he says, are already out in front of this pending evolution, with their Horizon and OpenCloud Access products offering the opportunity for companies to federate access to entire clouds of information and applications in a single package.

It will be important to regulate identity control as the cloud becomes a more central feature of enterprise IT, Madden writes, since users could otherwise be forced to remember credentials and provide information to dozens of different cloud apps simply to do their jobs.

However, some argue that this centralization offers a golden opportunity to cyber criminals, who could take advantage of it to steal enormous quantities of important information.


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