The cloud-based nature of Google's recently released Chrome OS makes it a natural fit for desktop virtualization products, as CRN reported Citrix and VMware will both provide a client app for the search giant's new Chromebook. The news source said that Citrix is farther along that VMware in the process of bringing its Receiver for Chrome product to the market. Citrix's offering is already available in a beta version, and it is scheduled for official release this summer.

Less is known about VMware's upcoming port of View for Chromebooks, but Rethink Wireless reported this week that the product may not hit the open market until 2012.

That news source also said that Microsoft is preparing to launch a product similar to Chromebook, known as Windows Thin PC, which could compete with Google's new offering in some market segments.

However, according to Rethink Wireless, Microsoft's product is designed for use with existing hardware, allowing companies to use aging PCs as thin clients without the need for local storage or application hosting in order to reduce license costs.


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