Management tools are becoming a top priority for server and desktop virtualization deployments, a recent report by CRN stated.

As companies increase use of virtualization, it is becoming more difficult for them to keep track of the deployments. Management tools offer companies a way to monitor and manage the performance, capacity and configuration of virtualized environments, the article stated. Also, tools provide companies with greater confidence that they are able to take advantage of their virtualized environments, making sure they are getting the most of their investments.

More virtualization provider acquisitions are taking place and experts expect this trend to continue. Start-up companies do not have the proper management tools that larger companies are seeking to utilize.

"Virtualization gives organizations the ability to consolidate their infrastructure, but it also presents a whole new set of problems," Dan Weiss, CEO and co-founder of a virtualization solution provider told CRN.

Companies currently need to store more data and cut costs than ever before. According to a report by the Diskkeeper Corporation, virtualization helps solve these two problems, but it must be optimized to manage each virtual machine and achieve maximized results.


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