Enterprises are finding that utilizing desktop virtualization provides several benefits, according to a recent article. Desktop virtualization allows companies to cope with reduced IT staff and provides greater control over sensitive data, lower hardware costs and greater mobility support for employees.

Companies considering adopting desktop virtualization should evaluate current needs and usage patterns. Additionally, they should determine which delivery resources are compatible with virtualization and consider if current hardware and software can fit in a virtualized environment.

Also, setting realistic goals and launching a pilot program will help the transition to a virtualized environment and ensure the deployment works as planned, the article stated.

“Expanded access - use of the desktop at any time, from anywhere - is a major benefit to mobile workers, and IT groups appreciate the increased productivity offered by desktop virtualization’s simplified enterprise management,” wrote’s Julie Knudson.

For small- and medium-sized businesses, virtualization offers benefits that may be greater than those afforded by larger companies, according to a report by SMBs using virtualization save money, improve stability, decrease downtime and even lower their impact on the environment.


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