Server and desktop virtualization are going to be critical business IT responsibilities for manufacturing firms in the coming years, according to an article from expert Dennis Brandl at CSEmag. Brandl writes that manufacturers can realize significant savings on a number of IT expenses - from equipment capital and energy costs to cooling requirements - by encouraging the use of virtualized desktop systems in the enterprise.

Upgrade and backup functionality is also improved with virtualization, according to Brandl, given the capabilities for pushing an update across an entire system remotely and storing configuration and data backups the same way.

"Hardware and energy economics will drive IT departments to virtualization, but the additional functionality provided by snapshots and rapid cloning of systems are valuable features for manufacturing," he says.

Desktop virtualization is available in many different formats, according to experts, and the choice between different setups is one that must be researched carefully by IT decision-makers in order to make sure the right product is purchased for the right task.


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