Integrating existing enterprise IT functions into a cloud computing framework can take one of several basic forms, according to a report from Gartner Research.

All offer their own advantages and disadvantages, the study said. While, for example, completely rearchitecting the product within a PaaS infrastructure can make for powerful new features, this is a complicated project that will result in a lot of work for the IT staff.

A slight tweak to this apporach, according to Gartner, would be to find a backward-compatible PaaS setup that can be used to rehost applications for use via virtualized infrastructure and update their capabilities to take advantage of the cloud without having to completely rework the software in question.

There are, of course, other options, the report noted. Simply doing away with an application in order to take advantage of a public cloud equivalent could be the right choice in some cases.

All organizations will have to make such decisions for themselves, however, and much will depend on a company's mission and size when choosing options.


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