Citrix's annual Synergy conference provided a look at a host of new offerings from the company, according to Network World.

Users of virtualized infrastructure can take advantage of the company's new NetScaler cloud computing gateway to handle license management and single-sign-on connectivity between Windows programs and apps running remotely, the tech news publication said.

Citrix also announced a new NetScaler cloud bridge offering, allowing data center workers to better optimize computing resources and harmonize virtualized infrastructure with locally-provided capability, Network World reported.

A public beta for a high-definition version of Citrix's GoToMeeting product was also announced at Synergy, according to the tech news website, which added that the company was looking to increase its presence in this market sector.

Finally, Citrix's Receiver software has been expanded for use on Chrome OS laptops and several new tablet PCs, Network World reported. This could provide simplified access to virtual resources for companies taking advantage of these new devices, experts note.

The central upside for such new systems, according to IT experts, is the flexibility provided by virtualized infrastructure.


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