A program from desktop virtualization provider Citrix, Computer Weekly said, can save up to 20 percent per year for companies that subsidize employees' purchases of their own computer.

In a pilot program, about 500 Citrix employees were told that they could select the computing device they wanted to use at work, and the company would pay for it, the tech news publication reported. Compared to the use of business-issued laptops, Citrix representatives told Computer Weekly, the program has saved around 20 percent.

The success of the pilot program prompted Citrix to expand eligibility to the whole company, where it has proved popular with employees, the website said. Workers are offered the chance to join the program when they join Citrix, as well as at every computing refresh cycle.

Computer Weekly added that all devices are provided with Citrix desktop virtualization software, which is run from a secure central location.

The cost savings possible with desktop virtualization technology, experts say, are highlighted by Citrix' case, which - on the surface, at least - appears as though it should be an expensive proposition.


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