The virtual desktop infrastructure has many benefits for administrators, but without proper planning, these problems may go unsolved.

In a recent article by Bridget Botelho for Tech Target, there are ways that VDI can improve management.

Tom Scanlon, CIO of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, discovered the college would need upgrades to its infrastructure and simplify its desktop management. The 19 IT pros at the college had to support 4,000 students and staff on three campuses, which VDI allowed the college to do after careful planning.

The college also expects to receive a return on its investment within five years of moving to VDI, due to startup expenses, the article stated.

"Once we went through and refreshed the hardware, it was like night and day," Scanlon told site. "You have to have the right equipment, [or] you won't get a good interpretation of how [virtual desktops] will work for you."

On the enterprise front, guest writer of CTOEdge Peter Malcom, wrote virtualization solutions must be automated, which helps businesses harness the true value of virtualization.



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