The flexibility and cost efficiency provided by desktop virtualization systems are only obtainable if the IT staff tasked with implementing them is fully aware of the fine details of their use.

According to a report from Network World, the consensus at a recent panel discussion was that hardware is still an important consideration, even for businesses using a virtualized desktop product extensively. Ensuring that the delivery appliances meet certain requirements - including network management, fault isolation and resource availability guarantees - is a good start.

A representative from Citrix, the publication said, claimed that companies using their virtual application delivery controllers could realize a 33 percent savings compared to a hardware-based product, though others cautioned that the exact figure could vary based on hardware configuration.

The flexibility of the system, however, was not in dispute, according to Network World.

Firms looking to streamline their IT offerings should make sure that they are using the right level of virtualization for the right tasks, according to experts, given the complication of making the switch.


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