The latest version of Citrix's CloudStack open-source cloud computing platform was released this week at the Cloud Connect 2012 Conference, debuting further advances in the company's product as well as the integration of new partner offerings.

CloudStack, Citrix stated, is already the leading platform in its market sector, used by companies like Zynga, Nokia and Datapipe to build and maintain Infrastructure-as-a-Service products. In contrast to other offerings that add cloud-like management elements to basic server virtualization functionality, CloudStack is fully open-source, supports multiple hypervisors, and helps provide the tools to solve the key automation and scalability issues of the cloud.

"With tight integration with the Citrix cloud portfolio, our customers gain access to an unparalleled set of cloud virtualization, orchestration and networking solutions that are not only best in class individually and optimized to run collectively, but also designed to work with the hardware, software and management products customers already have deployed," cloud platforms group vice president and general manager Sameer Dholakia stated.

Citrix also announced that the CloudStack 3 integrates network virtualization functions, offering a version of the company's NetScaler framework. This provides businesses with a lot of virtual infrastructure with some piece of mind about the security of their information and the reliability of the connections between their public and private cloud systems. Additionally, the built-in network services catalog could be a great new feature for service vendors, giving them the ability to create highly customizable offerings and providing the opportunity for upsells.

CloudStack 3's polished end user interface is an example of the product's emphasis on simplicity, Citrix said. In addition to making CloudStack 3 easier to use, the UI allows clients to quickly implement advanced automation and management features, which are often a complicated stumbling block for users of less intuitive systems.

Finally, the company also rolled out its new partner program, announcing the availability of 2,200 "Citrix-ready" products.

Citrix's experience in the desktop virtualization and server virtualization spaces has prepared the company admirably for the advent of cloud computing as the next big thing in enterprise computing, according to experts. As the technology continues to become more popular in the business sector and better understood by the populace, Citrix could find itself well-positioned in the burgeoning cloud market.


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