Businesses have found the move to virtualization is paying off, and the vast majority have deployed some form of the technology, according to a recent report by Gabriel Consulting.

In a survey of 199 enterprise data center managers, 71 percent of respondents indicated they have implemented two or more virtual mechanisms, such as virtual desktop or infrastructure virtualization, the report stated.

Additionally, the study found approximately 40 percent of respondents have virtualized at least half of the servers.

The main benefits of virtualization are cost savings and hardware utilization, cited by 66 percent and 60 percent of respondents, respectively. Simplified management and the ease of meeting service level agreements were also cited as benefits.

More than half of those surveyed said they will increase their use of virtualization to handle mission-critical workloads. Of those who are already using virtualization, more than 80 percent utilize services from VMware, the study found.

As businesses deploy more virtualization services to enhance the performance of the IT solutions, the market will continue to grow. According to a recent IDC report, the enterprise server virtualization market will hit $19.3 billion by 2014.

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