Continuing recovery from the recession and a smaller-than-expected impact on the IT marketplace from the Japanese tsunami and earthquake have pushed the estimated total spending on business technology for 2011 higher than previously projected, according to Gartner. Company research vice president Richard Gordon said in a statement accompanying the new estimates that the lack of effect from the Japan incidents was "a bit surprising."

"For 2011 as a whole, we expect Japan IT spending to be down in local currency, but we expect a positive growth trend to emerge in the second half of the year and continue into 2012," he said.

New technologies are expected to be the impetus behind much of the market's growth, according to Gartner, with particularly speedy gains likely to be made by public cloud systems. Sales of such products should grow four times more quickly than the market at large.

Other virtual infrastructure technology, experts say, could prove equally important for the IT sector, as companies appear increasingly ready to adopt new systems that can offer efficiencies of scale and potentially remove barriers to entry for smaller firms.


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