The healthcare industry represents the next significant job growth area for information technology workers, according to a recent Newsday report.

Hospitals and doctors must work closely with IT professionals to help the transition to digital medical records. Recent legislation requires doctors to show they have the proper digital records in place, meaning IT workers must devise systems to help hospitals save money while improving healthcare services.

By switching to digital records, one Staten Island doctor reportedly saves approximately $35,000 a year.

"It's about what the information technology community can bring to support the change that is going on," Kevin Dahill, president and chief executive of the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council, told the Long Island chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals. Dahill also urged IT professionals to "come up with ideas and offer them to our providers, who are desperately in need of them,” according to Newsday.

Another field hinging on the talents of IT professionals is the worldwide water infrastructure. According to a report by Lux Research, the market for pipe repair and monitoring technologies is a nearly $20-billion-a-year industry.


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