With the rapid rate of technology growth in the healthcare industry, many medical organizations are finding it difficult to stay on the cutting edge of the IT world. When it comes to electronic medical records, in particular, many of these organizations find it necessary to replace the equipment even before they are able to break it in.

With the emergence of cloud computing, desktop virtualization and other new technology, healthcare organizations have been able to expedite their transition from paper to digital health records. As a result, many organizations are replacing their old EMR systems with the new technology.

According to a recent KLAS study, 35 percent of healthcare providers, including smaller clinics, plan to replace their existing EMRs within the next two years, InformationWeek reports.

The majority of those planning to switch said they would do so to take advantage of other more efficient solutions, such as cloud computing and virtualization. The remaining indicated the switch would be necessary to replace outdated equipment.

Cloud computing is expected to play a major role in the transition to EMRs. According to a recent report by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, 81 percent of hospitals say they will register for federal assistance to make the switch.


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