At a recent analyst briefing in Boston, EMC CEO and chairman Joe Tucci asserted that cloud computing and virtualization are primed to see huge business growth, and EMC plans to lead the way, eWeek reports.

According to Tucci, businesses currently struggle to deal with the multitude of complex and inefficient data centers. However, through infrastructure virtualization and cloud computing, companies can ease these woes.

One area where EMC plans to offer its expertise is through storage in the cloud. As companies deal with the increasing volumes of data they generate every year, the cloud can ensure their vital information remains accessible and safe without breaking their IT budget.

"We're in a great position in storage for the cloud," Tucci said during the briefing. "We're focusing our whole strategy on how to become the company that takes our customers on this journey to benefit from IT as a service."

EMC has already rolled out several solutions to help businesses migrate to virtual environments. In January, the company unveiled a new family of unified storage systems called EMC VNX, which is aimed at making storage easier and more functional for its customers.


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