Despite a sophisticated national network, internet connection speeds in the United States are trailing those in other countries, according to a recent report by Akamai Technologies. In its quarterly State of the Internet report, cloud optimization services provider Akamai found only 13 U.S. cities rank among the top 100 fastest cities worldwide. According to the report, San Jose, California, boasts the fastest internet speeds in America, but only ranks 57th of the top 100 cities.

Overall, the United States showed an average connection speed of 5 megabytes-per-second in the third quarter of 2010. This is higher than the worldwide average of 2 Mbps, but significantly trails global leaders South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Romania - each with connection speeds of 30 Mbps or more.

One area where the United States did have a strong showing was broadband adoption. According to Akamai, 48 states have seen broadband adoption of 50 percent or more, with Delaware leading the way at 97 percent.

The nation's leaders are hoping to increase the broadband trend in the coming years. President Obama recently proposed an initiative to expand broadband access to 98 percent of Americans within the next five years.

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